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Impact Cloud Platform Updates

This document will let you know about all the latest and greatest features on Impact Cloud and updates on bug fixes.

Release date: 27th August 2021


Excluding null values and zeros on visualizations

Users of Impact Cloud no longer have to show all the data points. Zeros on the visualization can now be excluded from the visuals with a click of a button. Use it while using Project Insights or on the dashboard.


Geolocation fields with support for extracting metadata information

Collecting location information with your stakeholder data? With the new feature, you do not have to ask granular questions such as state, city, county. All you do is collect the geolocation and leave the rest to Impact Cloud, it will automatically collect all the other information so users are able to use them to disaggregate the data in different ways.

For example, the below visualization shows country disaggregated by state with both the information obtained automatically by Impact Cloud using the geolocation


Support for researcher account - KoboToolBox

Does your organization use the KoboToolBox researcher account for data collection, no problem, Impact Cloud now integrates seamlessly with the researcher account over APIs, making it easy for organizations to bring in data seamlessly.


Impact Cloud in the Portuguese language

Making Impact Cloud accessible to a lot of regions has been one of our main intentions right from the beginning. Impact Cloud is now available in the Portuguese language, making it accessible to a lot more people.


Bug fixes and performance improvement

Embedded videos now work in the text block on the dashboards.

Performance improvements on the dashboard especially in some uses cases where the. visualizations would hang when using filters.

ToC sharing issues have now been fixed.



Release date: 22nd June 2021


Dashboard themes

Organizations can now create their own color themes that let them use their branding colors to build dashboards. Just head over to the dashboards and you will be able to create, edit or delete a theme.

Copying surveys across projects

Copying surveys across projects just got easier with the all new survey copy feature. Have a project that can use the same survey as your previous project, no problem just use the copy survey feature right from where you create and manage surveys/tables.

Copying survey questions across projects

You can now easily copy selected questions from one project survey to another project survey. Just select the questions and use the "Copy To" feature (as shown in the screenshot below)

Dashboard UX improvements

We have significantly improved the movement of visualizations from one section to another which was very hard when we first released our dashboard feature a while back. To move visualization from one section to another, simply use the "Move to" function

Bug fixes and performance improvement

There have been many major bug fixes, design improvements, and performance improvements.



Release date: 10th May 2021

Connect any table with any koboToolBox account

Customers will now be able to optionally use different KoboToolBox account with every survey, helping the organization to flexibly use separate KoboToolBox accounts based on regions/countries or any other way in which they organize their programs.

Custom filters for Outcome Insights

Outcome Insights now supports custom filters to help create visualizations filtered to particular theme, sdgs or any other custom field people end up creating to  classify their projects and/or investments further.

Survey send optimization improvements

Stakeholders can now be added to the same survey profile without adversely affecting the survey status for each of the existing stakeholders.

Just add the stakeholders from the stakeholder's tab,

and it would dynamically update in the survey profile

Bug fixes and performance improvement

There have been many major bug fixes, design improvements, and performance improvements.



Release date: 31st March 2021

Advanced permissions for TOC and Dashboards

Organizations can now use advanced permissions to control which of the TOCs and Dashboards are visible to an entire organization or to specific users on the team. The dashboards and TOCs could be made entirely private to the owner as well.


Conditional enabling of survey notifications for organizations

Want to disable sending of surveys temporarily? Head over to settings on company profile turn it off. It is that simple.

Dashboard UX improvement - Moving charts from one section to another

Moving visualizations from one section to another and reordering sections just got easier. Simply go to the visualization options and hover on "Move to" to move the visualization to a different section.


Dashboard UX improvement - Reordering sections

To reorder sections, click on the "Reorder sections" button,

Custom survey completion message

Users can now customize the survey completion message. Just edit any existing survey and enable the "Custom Survey Submission Message" check-box to type in a custom message. The system will start showing the customized message to the responders of the survey.

Project Insights: Visualizing multi-select field

Visualizing data on multi-select fields just got better. There are times when multi-select field options need to be visualized as is and on occasion, it needs to be split to perform analysis on individual choices within the field. With the split and merge function, organization can do just that.

Bug fixes and performance improvement

There have been many major bug fixes, design improvements, and performance improvements.



Release date: 1st March 2021

Seamless longitudinal surveys for measuring progress

With the release of the longitudinal survey feature, organizations can now seamlessly execute longitudinal surveys which helps in keeping track of stakeholders uniquely while avoiding the problem of asking them the same questions for which the answers do not change.

Just create a master survey and break them up into sub-surveys (pre/mid/post) that lets you choose questions to ask in pre/mid/post from the master survey while data on common questions (for example, gender)  are kept in sync automatically based on the unique identifier.


Re-invent sending and tracking surveys to multiple stakeholder types

With the improved survey sending capabilities, organizations will not be able to not only send surveys to stakeholders but also individually keep track of the data collection status. Status like Link clicked, Data submitted, etc can easily be kept track of. In addition, organizations can also send seamless reminders selectively to people that have not submitted data.


Disabling data collection on an active survey

Disabling data collection on any given survey is now a breeze. Just head over to any survey and on the edit screen organizations will be able to disable data collection with just one click.


Dedicated email templates per survey

Be it survey notification email content or acknowledgement email content, organizations can now customize the email template content per survey. This is especially useful when organizations run different programs and are reaching out to diverse set of stakeholders.

The email setting under every survey houses the template settings.


SurveyCTO integration to seamlessly bring data from your survey CTO account

If you collect data on surveycto, your life just got a whole lote better with Impact Cloud integration with SurveyCTO. No more downloading data sets and transposing them manually on excel. Just connect your account, choose the project from which you want to bring in data, done.


Using usernames instead of an email address to set up user accounts

Don't want to use your email address on Impact Cloud for privacy reasons, not to worry, Impact Cloud now supports the use of usernames instead of email addresses for account creation. So you can be sure that your private data remains with you.

Impact Cloud European union data center

Operating in Europe and don't want your data to leave European borders? No problem, Impact Cloud has a dedicated instance setup for our customers in the European region. All the data resides in our European AWS data store.

Bug fixes and performance improvement

There have been many major bug fixes, design improvements, and performance improvements.



Release date: 19th January 2021

Page break for Stakeholder Surveys

Organizations using the stakeholder survey will now be able to group questions that appear on a given page by adding page breaks as necessary. With this update, stakeholder surveys can now be streamlined making the life of the person answering the survey a lot easier. Just go to a relevant survey for a particular project and click on "Add a Page Break". Multiple page breaks may be added and you may drag and drop them to the relevant location in the survey. 


Checkboxes for multi-select questions on a Stakeholder survey

Users of Impact Cloud can now turn a multi-select question to display as checkboxes instead of the default drop-down. Just click on Enable Checkboxes to display these options as checkboxes as shown below. When Checkboxes are used, the searchable option cannot be used. Searchability can be used only with drop-downs.


This is how the question looks on the survey. 

Radio options for single-select questions on a Stakeholder survey

Users of Impact Cloud can now turn a single-select question to display as radio options instead of the default drop-down. Just click on Enable Checkboxes to display these options as radio options as shown below. When Checkboxes are used, the searchable option cannot be used. Searchability can be used only with drop-downs.

This is how the questions look in the survey

Bug fixes and performance improvement

There have been many major bug fixes, design improvements, and performance improvements.



Release date: 9th November 2020

Configuring number of questions per page in the stakeholder survey

Stakeholder surveys can now be configured with set number of questions per page, giving our customers the ability to set the optimal number of survey questions to avoided survey fatigue.

Simply head over to anyof the surveys and click on edit to get the configuration option.


Custom logo on a Stakeholder survey 

Organizations can now have custom logo on stakeholder surveys. Upload the logo in the company profile and all the surveys will show the uploaded logo.



The logo is organization specific and not survey specific.


Page numbers on Stakeholder surveys

Stakeholder surveys now show the page numbers at the bottom to make it easier for the survey responders to know what page they are on and to give them a general idea on the time it would take to complete entering data on the survey.


Copying survey link to clipboard

Impact Cloud customers can now easily copy the link to any surveys by clicking on the "Copy to Clipboard" button corresponding to each of the surveys.


Shortened survey URLs

Survey URLs are no longer gigantic, allowing organization to copy and share the links without any irritating breaks in between.


Support for big numbers in currency metrics

The platform now supports currency metrics of large magnitude, which was previously restricted to a certain limit.


Bug fixes and performance improvement

There have been many major bug fixes, design improvements, and performance improvements.



Release date: 27th October 2020

Duplicating survey questions

Creating survey questions just got easier with the duplicate question feature. If the survey has several questions of the same type, the question doesn't;t have to be created manually. Just create once and keep duplicating the questions under a new question. All the options are retained in the duplicated question, making it easy for users to create surveys from scratch.

Setting up From Name and Reply-to for stakeholder surveys 

Now organizations can use their own From Name and Reply-to email address in the email notification for stakeholder surveys, allowing the stakeholders to reach out to the concerned organization's directly without having to reach Sopact support first. 

Just navigate to the relevant table to the survey to edit the properties.

Bug fixes and performance improvement

There have been many major bug fixes, design improvements, and performance improvements.

Notable bugs:

  1. Formula Metric that was resulting in a number even when one of the metrics used in the formula was set to 0
  2. Usage guidance that was not visible on the metric survey is now visible


Release date: 12th October 2020

Shorter links for all shareable materials (for example, public dashboard, strategies)

From this update, sharing dashboards and strategies got better with shorter links. No more long URLs that were difficult to copy/paste or to share with relevant stakeholders.


Collaborators now create Impact Strategies  that cannot be seen by other collaborators

Permission management just got better with the latest enhancement that prevents collaborators from looking at the impact strategies created by other collaborators within the same organization. Customers can now add collaborators on specific projects and have them create impact strategies that is visible only to them and the organization admins, making impact strategies private to the collaborators.


Outcome Insight UX improvement

We modified our auto insights engine to allow users to make more specific choices in the Projects or metrics drop-down. While the auto insights engine will produce visualizations by default, user will still have the option of changing from the filters on the right without the engine interfering with the user's selection.


TOC terminology changes

We have improved TOC terminologies based on feedback and made it better in terms of understanding the different steps of the TOC.

For example, Outputs were changed to "Short-terms Outcomes"


The metrics assignment screen got better with huge performance improvements

With "load on scroll" feature, performance just got a big boost on the metrics assignment sreen. Impact strategy drawer now opens in a second with more metrics loading as the user scrolls down in a particular strategy.


Performance improvement on searching projects in the Overview screen and Metrics assignment screen

The new Id based search in the Impact Maker overview and metrics assignment screen make the search results appear in a fraction of a second whether its 50, 100 or 400 projects.


Bug fixes and performance improvement

There have been many major bug fixes, design improvements, and performance improvements. Most notable fixes have been 

  • Impact Maker Overview screen loading projects quickly
  • Quicker project search on Impact Maker overview and assignment screen
  • Permissions management doesn't require explicit Impact Manager permissions to enable Outcome Insights




Release date: 15th September 2020

Simplified product with Impact Manager and Impact Maker coming together

Collective Impact now becomes a reality with this update. Starting from this update, you will be able to collect data in Impact metrics not only as summarized data from your partners but also collect the raw data behind the metrics by having your partner organization collect raw data directly on the platform. Raw stakeholder data can then be summarized into Impact metrics and indicators, allowing the organization to continuously monitor their impact.

Mobile responsive stakeholder survey

Collect data from stakeholders on the go with the mobile responsive stakeholder surveys that make it a breeze to enter data from mobile or tablet browsers.


Stakeholder survey email templates

Users of Impact Cloud can now customize the survey email templates while sending stakeholder surveys, allowing added flexibility of choosing the formatting of choice.

Metric survey templates for Impact Maker

In addition to stakeholder survey templates, users can now have customized email templates while sending the metric survey to their partner organizations while collecting data.

Project Insights UX improvement 

Stakeholder data visualization gets a complete makeover making it really simple to understand the UX to slice and dice the data in different ways.


Seamlessly pull data from KoboToolBox projects

Use KoboToolBox for data collection? No worries. With the new API integration, it has become ridiculously simple to bring in data collected on KoboToolBox projects into Impact Cloud for Impact measurement and management. 

Marking options in single select/multi-select type of fields  inactive

Users can now mark single-select/multi-select field options inactive so they don't go out in the survey. The inactive options can still be used in analytics and visualizations. This makes the impact management process highly flexible, enabling organizations to evolve their data collection with their evolving needs

All-new UI for choosing public impact strategies

Organizations can now kick start their Impact measurement and management process through pre-built strategy templates making selection of metrics a breeze.

Bug fixes and performance improvement

There have been many minor and major bug fixes, design improvements, and performance improvements.


Release date: 14th August 2020

 Sections in Stakeholder survey to group questions to help people respond to survey more effectively

Impact Cloud Stakeholder survey now supports sections within the surveys through the rise of the Note data type. Simply create a field of type "Note" and type in the text you want displaying on the survey in the form of sections as shown below.

To configure the Note data type, follow the same steps as creating a field

Internal fields

Stakeholder surveys can now be configured with internal fields that do not show up on the survey. This helps to prevent fields of type formula or score to be configured as internal so that they do not show up on the survey and confuse the responders of the survey.

Just mark the field as internal in the field configuration window and you are set:

Mandatory fields

Questions can now be made compulsory to answer in Stakeholder surveys. This prevents the forms from being submitted without the mandatory fields being filled out. This can be configured in the field configuration window.

Using drag and drop to re-order questions in the survey

Impact Cloud users can now drag and drop questions in the grid to re-order the questions in the order in which they expect the questions to appear in the survey.

Just hold a particular question and drag and drop it at an appropriate position of your choice. That's it.

Support for "string" type scale fields in project insights to allow richer stakeholder data analytics

With the support for "string" type scale fields, measuring impact became much more powerful. Imagine setting up labels such as "Very Good", "Good", "Acceptable", "Bad" for a set of numbers, for example, on a scale of 1 to 10 rate yourself. With the support for string type "scale" fields, the labels will be treated as single-select answers that allows you to do deeper impact analytics using Project Insights.

Configure the label field:

Composite Label can now be used in Project Insights

Bug fixes and performance improvement

There have been many minor and major bug fixes, design improvements, and performance improvements.



Release date: 31st July 2020

Advanced disaggregation and filter functionality in Project Insights for better data analytics

Impact Cloud users now have more granular options to analyze the stakeholder data. For starters, when we disaggregate a certain field by demographic fields (for example, country, race, gender, etc), we now have the ability to choose what shows up on the visualization. For example, in the below visualization we have chosen "Female" to show up on the chart.

We also released the much-awaited advanced filter options that let the user go more granular. For example, we could see data for a specific ethnicity(Hispanic in the below example) in the above visualization

Quick visualization editing options in Outcome Insights

From now on, you do not have to go to the visualization edit icon on the right side to modify the visualization's Title, Type, X-axis label, and Y-axis label. In addition to this, you can use the option to include data labels or exclude data labels very easily. We now have a quick access menu that lets you modify the most used properties of a visualization.


MFA for Impact Cloud users for added security 

Impact Cloud just became more secure with our multi-factor authentication feature. Impact Cloud users will now be able to secure their account using the new MFA feature that requires them to enter a unique ID sent on their mobile phone to successfully log in to Impact Cloud. This is a completely optional feature.

Improved look and feel on the stakeholder survey

Stakeholder Survey gets a makeover to make the survey more understandable and probably a joy to fill. 

Inline editing and saving functionality on Impact Maker Forms/Tables

Editing stakeholder data just got easier with the new inline data editing capabilities. Just double-tap on the row you want to edit, edit the data, and save. All it takes is 3 steps.

Impact Maker Tables/Forms columns filter to help users manage  data better

Some times organizations are required to ask many questions in the survey (close to 80). This especially makes it hard to view the data seamlessly and the users have to scroll a lot to browse through the columns. Not anymore, with the column filtering capabilities, users will not be able to select only the columns that they are interested into view/edit or update.


Improved Formula Builder to connect Outcomes with raw stakeholder data

Connecting metrics with raw data just got easier with the all new formula capability that not only lets you configure formula that makes use of stakeholder data but also show the preview in the same screen with the ability to download calculations on an excel sheet.



Bug fixes and performance improvement

There have been many minor and major bug fixes, design improvements, and performance improvements.


Release date: 21st May 2020


Visualization to see Project/Investment contribution toward a metric overtime

We can now see how projects or investments have contributed toward a particular metric over time. For example, if you are keeping track of the number of jobs on multiple projects or investments, you will now be able to see how many jobs each of them has created overtime on a stacked chart.

Just navigate to Outcome Insights and Choose "Metric overtime grouped by Investments/Projects"; you should be able to see stacked chart provided you have data for multiple investments or projects for a given metric.


Ability to re-order options within a select-one, select-multiple type of metrics and fields

The much-awaited options re-ordering functionality is live. You will now be able to re-order the options in Single-select, Multi-select, Multi-value metrics, and Form fields. The order will be maintained in the visualizations and the survey.

For example, Navigate to a TOC containing Single-select, Multi-select, or a Multi-value metric and you will be able to re-order the options using the re-order icon to the right. The same functionality is available for Impact Maker survey questions if type Single select, Multi-select, and Multi-value.

Formula and Scale fields support for Radar chart for progress tracking

Radar Charts that demonstrate the progress of a program based on different factors now support Formula and Scale Fields in addition to the score fields. This gives our users the ability to create formula fields and plot them on the Radar Chart, which enhances the flexibility of our platform to demonstrate Impact without much rigidity.

Support for different currencies in metric survey 

Impact Cloud now supports currency metrics to be configured in different currencies. Originally the support was restricted to USD.

Navigate to a TOC and select the metric for which you would want to configure a different currency type. For example, on the selection of Norwegian currency shows the appropriate symbol in the survey



Ability to convert a field in Impact Maker table of type "Single Line Text" to "Single select"

Efficiency just got a boost with our latest functionality to convert a Single Line Text to Single select for Impact Maker survey questions. When you convert a Single Line Text to Single Select, our system now automatically recognizes the options within the field and displays appropriate options on the survey screen.

Just navigate to an Impact Maker Project table and select a Single Line Text field and change the type to Single Select. For example, on changing the below field to Single Select, the options are automatically recognized (As shown below)

After changing the type to Single Select,


Note: This operation can be performed only on a field with a maximum of 20 options.


Location field for Impact Maker Projects

Impact Maker Projects can now be set with a location. This gives us the ability to analyze our portfolio on Maps.

Searching for a Project in Impact Maker metrics assignment screen 

We now have the ability to search for and assign metrics on projects without having the need to navigate a lot to do so.

Just navigate to the Impact Maker metrics assignment screen and you will be able to see a search box that gives you the ability to search for projects.


Bug fixes and performance improvement

There have been many big and small performance improvements and bug fixes.



Release date: 27th April 2020


Fully automated Outcome Insights

Aggregating and comparing impact metrics across your portfolio of projects and investments just got radically easier with our new automated Outcome Insights. 

Just collect data on the impact metrics and navigate to Outcome Insights

  1. You would be able to see all the different analytics/visualization possibilities without breaking a sweat
    1. You will be able to switch between different analytics possibilities by switching the options on the "VISUALIZATION TYPE " drop-down (shown below)
    2. You can bring upon the explanation for each visualization type by clicking on the ? icon right next to the drop-down. 
    3. You may use the filters on the right to see specific scenarios of your choice
    4. The charts may be moved to the Dashboard using the "Save Chart" functionality - You can create a new dashboard right from the same popup (as shown below)


Dashboard creation without navigating away from Analytics application

And now you do not have to go to the dashboard to create one. Be it Project Insights, Outcome Insights or Portfolio Insights, you can now

  1. Do all the analytics tasks on these applications
  2. Create visualizations and save it on the Dashboard from the same screen
  3. If the dashboard doesn't exist, no problem, just create one from the same screen


All new Data View screen for Impact Maker Projects

We have greatly simplified how metrics data is viewed, computed, and edited for Impact Maker projects.

  • If you have metrics assigned to this project, the screen will show you the metrics for latest period (2020 at the time of this writing) whether or not you have data for that period
  • Data can be edited right on the screen by clicking on the "EDIT" button
  • You may choose a different Frequency/Metric Set/period from the drop-downs that appear on the top
    Note: The screen remains blank in the case where you have not assigned any metrics to the project


Dynamic computation of formula metrics based on raw data

If you have configured formula metrics that connect raw data collected from stakeholders to the metric, the data on these metrics will be computed dynamically as you collect stakeholder data using either

  1. Stakeholders survey
  2. Enter the data from the self-report form
  3. Collect data using mobile offline data collection


Duplicating projects for multi-site deployment

Do you have a project that needs to be deployed in another location with all the metrics, and surveys along with data types and definitions? You can now duplicate the project and all of its metrics and survey definitions without breaking a sweat with the new clone project feature.



Creating multiple records in Impact Maker Tables

Impact Maker table has now been enhanced with a feature to create multiple records with great efficiency. To create a record just navigate to an Impact Maker project table and click on "Create Record"

You can create multiple records by clicking on "Save and Continue".


Metric survey for Impact Maker

Collecting data on project metrics just got a big boost with a metric survey for Impact Maker. You can now send a metric survey directly to your project or program managers to collect data on the impact metrics


Formula metric (between metrics) for Impact Maker

You now have the ability to create a formula metric that can perform mathematical operations between different metrics and display the results over time.

For example, You may create a metric "Total number of Jobs" that adds two other metrics "Full-time Jobs" + "Part-time Jobs" 


Impact Management Project

The much-awaited Impact Management Project is Live. You can now measure the impact of the programs, investments, and projects using the five dimensions of Impact.



Bug Fixes and Performance Improvement

There have been many minor and major bug fixes, design improvements, and performance improvements.



Release date: 26th February 2020

Metric comments in Investments/Projects

Viewing/adding/editing impact metric comments just got better. You will now easily be able to view the comments left by your investments or projects on metrics during the data collection.

  1. Navigate to the particular investment or project and go to the data view screen and every chat icon shows the number of comments made on the given metric. 


Bug Fixes

  1. TOC creation problem that prevented users from creating a TOC from scratch
  2. Project Insight bug on analyzing data overtime
  3. Refresh issue on the deletion of project or investment which prevented the deleted entity from disappearing from the screen
  4. Survey Title and Description deletion bug that prevented users from deleting the Title and Description from a metric survey once they were set
  5. Broken unsubscribe link on the survey reminder email notification that prevented users from stopping the automated survey email reminders
  6. Data view screen in Investments showing both quantitative metrics and qualitative metrics on a single tab


Release date: 18th February 2020

Impact Manager metric survey improvements

The process of collecting data from your investments or companies just got easier in many ways.

  1. Clear labels on what reporting period the data needs to be reported on
  2. Fully automated survey link expiry functionality with labels showing the days remaining for the survey link to expire
  3. "Saving" message displayed at the bottom to reassure the user of data being saved
  4. Ability to "save and continue" data reporting

Fully automated email reminders for data collection

Fund managers, asset owners don't need to manually send email reminders to their investments or companies to fill out the metric surveys. 

  1. The automated reminder is sent once every week nudging the companies to initiate the data entry process
  2. Companies have the ability to unsubscribe from the email reminders for that particular reporting period
  3. Reminders automatically stop going out once the investments or companies finish their data entry by clicking on "Submit"
  4. The reminders also stop when the expiry of the survey is reached
  5. There is a mandatory reminder sent two days prior to survey expiry irrespective of investments or companies opting out

Modifiable reminder email templates

Organizations can have their own email reminder templates that let them put up email subject and content of their choice. The templates come with the following capabilities

  1. Separate templates can be set for data entry reminders as well as the reminder that is sent two days prior to survey link expiry
  2. Include the reporting period in the subject line so the companies or investments know what reporting period they need to report the data on

Password reset for survey responders

Impact Cloud users including organization admins, collaborators, partners (Companies or investments that report data on s survey) can set their own password to access their accounts.


Release date: 11th February 2020

Data view screen for Investments(Impact Manager)

The ability to view/update/add data for metrics just got easier with our new data view screen. Just navigate to one of the investments that you manage on Impact Cloud and you'll see a whole new window that shows you the metrics and its results. By default, this screen will show you metrics data for the latest reporting period and for metric sets in the following order Annually/Semi-annually/Quarterly/Monthly. If there is no data in any of the metrics, the screen stays blank.

Collaborators for Investments(Impact Manager and Impact Maker)

Do you have a lot of investments and projects to manage and want specific people to manage them? The ability to add collaborators and assigning them to specific investments and projects is here. You can now add a collaborator from the Impact Manager Overview or Impact Maker Overview screen and assign them to specific projects and investments. When the collaborator logs in their account, the view is limited to the investments or projects that they were assigned to. Even in the Outcome/Project Insights, they are restricted to their specific projects/Investments.

The collaborator has all the privileges of an Organization Admin but restricted to the Investments/Projects that they are assigned to or create. The investment created by the collaborator can be seen by the organization admin and the collaborator only, not by other collaborators or users.

The theory of change is the only piece that everybody has access to. The reason: it was our hypothesis that there is nothing confidential about seeing what metrics are being tracked.

The collaborator does not have access to dashboards created by other collaborators or the organization admin. We decided to keep it this way until we learn more about how this feature is going to be used.

Known Issue: Occasionally the drop-down used to assign the collaborator to a specific investment/project doesn't collapse. Please refresh the screen to recover from this scenario while we fix this problem.


Visualizing Impact metric on a geographical map (Outcome Insights)

Visualize the impact of your portfolio on a geographical map. For now, this visualization is only supported for numeric metrics (numbers/percentage/currency). 



Release date: 9th April 2019

Filters option in partner survey

Sending partner surveys just got more efficient. When you have many investments or projects and you have multiple people managing groups of investments, filters can come in handy. Filters in partner survey screen let you narrow down the big list of Investments or Projects to a smaller list relevant to you. No more manual selection of Investments/Projects.

Performance improvement on Metrics assignment screen

If you were ever irritated waiting for a long time on the metrics assignment screen, now is the time to celebrate. In this release, we packed a "Load More" feature on the Impact Cloud metrics assignment screen. With this update, the days of a long wait on this screen are gone. By default, the system is going to bring up only 10 investments, and this is what a human being can see at a time. If a user wants to look at more investments, the user needs to click on the "Load More" button which brings back 10 additional investments. Further optimization on this is coming soon.

Pagination option on Inactive Investments

Pagination option was provided to navigate through the list of inactive investments. This didn't exist before.