Connecting Theory of Change steps

This tutorial guides you to create connections among statements of the Theory of Change steps in the Impact Strategy module.


* A Theory of Change created. If you haven't created one yet, please review this document first: How to create a Theory of Change.

* Metrics in your Theory of Change. If you haven't added metrics yet, please review this document first: Adding metrics to the Theory of Change.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to demonstrate how each step is interlinked and how these inter-linkages of interventions are directly related to the change we are working to achieve (impact).


1. Log on to Impact Cloud, this is the first screen you will see :

2.Click on Impact Strategy for Impact Maker. You will be navigated to the following screen:

2021-03-19 (1)-1

NOTE: You will see all the Theories of Change that you have created on the left side panel. 

3. Click on any Theory of Change that appears on the left side of the screen. The below screen will be displayed.

2021-03-19 (7)

4. To make connections between each ToC step, You must edit the Impact Strategy using either of the two ways:

a. Clicking on the Edit Strategy button at the upper right side of the screen.

b. Using any of the Edit buttons located on top of each ToC step.

5. Click on the Edit button of any ToC step. By clicking on any statement of a ToC step, you will be prompted on the right-hand side to select which of the elements from the current ToC step are related to the previous step. You can select multiple options here. Make sure to save after selecting the options.

NOTE: The purpose of linking inputs, to activities, outputs, and so on is to demonstrate how our interventions are directly related to the change we are working to achieve (impact).

6.  After linking the elements of each ToC step i.e. inputs, to activities, outputs, and so on. Each statement appears in different colors to indicate its linkages to the previous ToC step.  The screen will appear as shown  below :

2021-03-22 (21)

7. Now, to make connections between statements and indicators, click on the icon that appears on the right side of the metric for which the connection needs to be established.

2021-03-22 (23)

8. The following screen will be displayed :

2021-03-22 (25)

9. Click on the Answer Options drop-down to view all the statements added to that specific ToC step. Choose the statements that need to be linked to that metric or indicator. 

2021-03-22 (24)NOTE: Each indicator can be linked to one or more statements displayed.

10. Click on Save after selecting the desired statement or statements. The screen appears as shown below :

2021-03-22 (26)

11. Repeat these steps for all the metrics if desired. 


Congratulations !!! You have learnt to make connections between the ToC steps and between statements and their metrics or indicators.