Configuring an email template to collect stakeholder data

This document explains how to create email templates to send out stakeholder surveys or acknowledgment emails when collecting data from individuals.

Configuring email templates for stakeholder data collection

We have options to configure two types of survey email templates

1. The template for the email that goes out when you send the stakeholder survey for the first time.

2. The template for the email that you can send as an acknowledgment that the survey submission has been received. 

Follow the below steps to configure your custom templates for the above three scenarios.


The first survey email notification

  1. After logging in to the platform, navigate to the company profile from the left sidebar (as shown in the screenshot below)

  2. Click on "Survey Email Template." You will see the below screen:

3. To configure the email template for the email that goes out every time you send a stakeholder survey, click on "Add New Template." You will see the below popup:

4. In the field "Template For" select the option "Impact Maker - Stakeholder Survey."

5. In the field "Name," type the name of the template. You can set it to whatever helps you remember its purpose (our system doesn't display it to the recipients). Set the subject of the email (this will be visible to the recipients in their inbox).

Modify the email body according to your needs. You can use "Placeholders" in the subject and the body; just whatever changes you do, make sure you are keeping the Survey Link

 6. The various placeholder options that you can use in the subject and the body are the following:

Stakeholder Name - [NAME] - The name of the recipient.

Organization Name - [ORGANIZATION_NAME] - The name of your organization.

Site Support Email - [SITE_SUPPORT_EMAIL] - This is set to

Survey Link - [SURVEY_LINK] - This is the actual survey link. We recommend using the survey hyperlink option, this lets you set the link behind a user-defined text - just as a link on a website.

Survey Hyperlink - You may double-click on the link in the template to set the user-defined text of your choice (like the screenshot below). You may change the "Display Text" but DO NOT alter the URL.

Site - [SITE] - This is set to Impact Cloud


Acknowledgment email to confirm data reception after submission.

The steps to configure this email are the same as the ones shown in the first section. The only difference is that in the field "Template For" you will have to select the option "Impact Maker - acknowledgment email."

Note: There is a default template that is used even if you do not configure this template. This is the default template:

You can also modify this template, but the only placeholder available is Organization Name - [ORGANIZATION_NAME].