How to share a Dashboard

This article gives detailed step-by-step instructions to share the Dashboard with external stakeholders on Impact Cloud.

In this article, we will be going through 

  1. Share the dashboard using a public link

  2. Share the dashboard using an email address

  3. Enable filters for modification on the visualization of the Dashboard

1. Log on to Impact Cloud, this is the first screen you will see :

2. To access the Dashboard, click on "Impact Insights (Data Analytics)". It will directly take you to the Dashboard which you have already created as shown below. On the right-side drop-down, select the dashboard that you want to share:

3. Click on the "Share" button (orange color). A popup will appear on the screen with 3 options  as shown in the screenshot below:

1. With Public (anyone with the link can view)

2. With a specific email address (only specified email addresses will have access)

3. Enable filters (people can modify the visualizations on the shared link)

All the above options allow people to view visualization without logging on to the Impact Cloud platform using the shareable link.

4.  Let's understand each of the options:

With Public (anyone with the link can view). On clicking on this option, a shareable link appears in a text box that can be copied and shared with anyone. This link provides access to this Dashboard to anyone who wants to view this visualization. There is no way to control whom this link is shared with.

public link

With a specific email address (only specified email addresses will have access). On clicking on this option, it will prompt for the email addresses of the people with whom this link needs to be shared. The Impact Cloud platform will send the email to the people whose email addresses have been specified when the "Share" button is clicked. 

shared link

NOTE: If you wish to retire the view permissions to a specific email address, please contact the Sopact team. 

The following email is received by the person with whom this dashboard has been shared:


On clicking on the link mentioned in the email, the dashboard will be displayed. This dashboard visualization does not allow to make any changes to the existing visualization. However, the visualizations can be downloaded or saved.

Enable filters (people can modify the visualizations on the shared link). Combining this with any of the two options above, people with the shared link will be able to modify the filters selected in the visualization.

Please note that if any of the viewers make changes to the chart, the changes will be saved for everyone, which means that all the rest of the viewers will also see those changes.