How to edit / delete / view stakeholders

This article explains how to edit/delete stakeholders.


  1. Project created on Impact Cloud.
  2. Stakeholders created / imported on Impact Cloud. 

1. Log on to Impact Cloud, this is the first screen you will see :

2.Click on Impact Maker (Beneficiary Data Management). You will be navigated to the following screen:

NOTE: You will see all the projects created for your organization.

3. Click on the project for which you want to edit/delete stakeholders. 

4. Go to the tab Stakeholders.

5. The following screen will display. Scroll down until you see the table with the list of stakeholders.

2021-03-30 (7)

2021-03-30 (6)-1

6. Click on the icon "Edit" to edit a particular stakeholder: 2021-03-30 (8)-1

7. A popup window will open for you to edit the information. Click on Save to save the changes.


8. To delete a stakeholder from the list, check the box by the stakeholder's name and click on the Delete button at the top of the table. A window will pop up for you to confirm the deletion. 

2021-03-30 (10)-1

NOTE: The system also allows you to view or search certain stakeholders.

Show All: allows you to see the full list of stakeholders from ALL your projects at once.

Search by Range: Allows you to search the stakeholders based on the date they were created or imported.

2021-03-30 (12)

To search for a specific person, click on the 3 dots on any column, and a menu with filtering options will display:

You can also download the list as an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on Export to Excel

2021-03-30 (14)


Congratulations !!! You have learned to edit your stakeholders.