Offline data collection with Impact Cloud and KoboToolBox

This article talks about how to integrate KoboToolBox with Impact cloud for seamless offline data collection capabilities

KoboToolBox is a free to use online and offline data collection tool that can be used for your data collection needs and seamlessly be integrated with your Impact cloud account for data aggregation and analytics on the collected data. 


There are two ways to collect data (offline) on the survey, created on Impact Cloud or KoboToolBox, using KoboToolBox. 

  1. Using the ODK file - this requires the user to download the ODK file from Impact Cloud and to upload the same on KoboToolBox for data collection.
  2. Setting up a direct integration with KoboToolBox enabling seamless data collection, aggregation and presentation flow.

The ODK file approach

  1. The first step is to create a survey on Impact Cloud or directly on KoboToolBox.
  2. If you created the survey(table with fields) on Impact Cloud on a specific project your screen would look something like this

1. Raw data screen


  3. Click on the "down arrow" 2. Download icon icon next to the survey you created in your Impact cloud project. This downloads the ODK file that can be uploaded on KoboToolBox to deploy the survey for data collection.

  4. The next step is to create an account on KoboToolBox if you do not already have one. Click here to navigate to KoboToolBox and scroll down to get an option to create your account. Choose the appropriate account according to the type of organization you are

3. Kobo_signup


  5. After signing up, when you log in to your Kobo account you will see the below screen. If its a new account there will be no projects listed.

4. Kobo_loggedIn

  6. To deploy the survey you created on Impact Cloud, click on the "NEW" button on KoboToolBox, you would get the following popup. Click on "Upload an XLSForm" and then upload the ODK file downloaded from Impact Cloud (from step 3)

5. New project popup

   7. Enter the name of the project and the description and click on "Create Project" (as shown in the picture below)

6. Create Project popup


  8. After you create the project you will see the screen that looks something like below. You can click on the "eye" icon (above the deploy button) to preview the survey and/or the pencil icon to modify the survey to include some more questions if needed.

7. New project screen

   9. Once you are ready to collect data, click on the "DEPLOY" button that creates a series of HTTP links that can be used to collect data on a browser. Appropriate HTTP link can then be copied and sent to stakeholders for data collection using an email sending program such as MailChimp.

8. Deployed form

  10. To collect data on your android mobile phone or tablets please download Kobo Collect application from the play store. You then have to signin to your account using the same credentials that were used to deploy the survey. You then will have to do the following

  • "Get a blank form" and choose the name of the project you just deployed and click on get selected
  • To start collecting data, click on "Fill Blank Form" and start filling in data
  • After collecting data, click on "Save Form and Exit"
  • You could finally use "Send Finalized Form" to send the collected data to Kobo Server

  11. Now to download the excel file with data collected from Kobo and importing it into Impact Cloud, navigate to the appropriate project on KoboToolBox on your browser (You need internet for this). Click on the "Data" tab and then "Downloads" from the menu on the left (shown in the picture below). Click on "Export". The downloaded file can now be imported on Impact Cloud. Please follow this video for instructions to import the data in Impact Cloud.

9. Download data


  Please get in touch with us on our slack channel for any further help. Cheers!