Sending out stakeholder surveys

This tutorial will explain the process of collecting data from your stakeholders. Collecting data is a critical step in impact management aggregated data leads to metrics.


  1. Project created on Impact Cloud.
  2. Survey ( simple / longitudinal)  created based on that project.
  3. Stakeholders created / imported on Impact Cloud. 

    1. Log on to Impact Cloud, this is the first screen you will see :

    2.Click on Impact Maker (Beneficiary Data Management). You will be navigated to the following screen:


    NOTE: You will see all the projects created for your organization.

    3. Click on any project for which the survey needs to be sent.  The below screen will be shown.  

    ddf tracker-1

    NOTE: By default, the Raw Data tab is visible.  This tab also displays all the surveys( that you have created for this project).

    2.  Select the survey for which the data needs to be collected. This survey can be previewed using the picture icon  on the selected survey. The title and instructions can be edited using the pencil icon


    3. Click on the person icon  to send the survey to the stakeholders. The below screen is displayed :


    4. Now click on the Create Survey Profile button as shown in the screenshot below:

    survey profile

    2. Now, select the Field to filter the stakeholders/beneficiaries to whom the survey needs to be sent. 

    survey field

    3. In the drop-down Value, select the value that the previous field needs to contain to send out the survey. For example, if you selected "First Name" in Field, you can type a name; if you selected "Creation Date" you can select the date when your stakeholders were imported or created. 

    4.  Click on the Preview button to see the results. A table with all the matching stakeholders will display below.

    survey data

    5. To add more filters, click on Add New Condition where you can create more conditions and select AND to get all of them fulfilled / OR to get either fulfilled. 

    survey data with conditions

    NOTE: The Add New Condition step is optional.

    6.  Click on the Save Profile button and assign a unique name to it by typing on the text box on the left side of "Save Profile."

    morgan survey

    7. Once the Survey Profile is saved, you have two options:

    A) Select the stakeholder(s) to whom this survey needs to be sent. This can be done by clicking on the checkbox as shown below :stakeholder selection

    Next select Send to Selected and select the appropriate Email Template from the drop-down.

    stakeholder sent

    B) When the list of stakeholders display, select Send to Filtered from the drop-down to send the survey to every single person on that list. Then, select the appropriate Email Template from the drop-down.

    send filtered

    8. Finally, click on the Send Survey button (green color) to send the survey.
    send survey

    9. A pop-up will display for you to confirm the action. Type YES (all caps) and click on Send Survey.

    Yes Survey

    10. The following email will be received by the stakeholder to whom the survey has been sent. 

    NOTE: This template can be customized. Refer to the article on creating email templates for stakeholder surveys to customize this template.


    Congratulations !!! You have sent your first stakeholder survey!!