Tracking stakeholder surveys

This article explains how to check the status of the surveys sent to your stakeholders.


  1. Project created on Impact Cloud
  2. Survey ( Simple / Longitudinal)  created based on that project
  3. Stakeholders created/imported on Impact Cloud
  4. Survey sent to stakeholders.

1. Log on to Impact Cloud, this is the first screen you will see :

2.Click on Impact Maker (Beneficiary Data Management). You will be navigated to the following screen:


3. Select the project for which a stakeholder survey has been created and sent. The below screen will be displayed :

ddf tracker-1

4. Select the survey that has been sent to the stakeholders. Click on person icon of the survey. The below screen is shown :


5. Select the Survey profile from the list of profiles that appear in the drop-down whose status is to be monitored:

2021-03-26 (6)

6.  After selecting the profile, the screen appears as shown below :

2021-03-26 (4)

7. The information will be updated under Survey Overview

Filtered Stakeholders denotes the number of stakeholders who met the specific criteria for the field selected and the value.

Selected Stakeholders denotes the number of stakeholders who were selected for sending the survey

Survey Profile displays the name of the survey profile that was selected

No. of survey emails sent denotes  the number of emails sent through Impact Cloud

No. of survey emails clicked on denotes the number of stakeholders who have clicked on the survey link.

No. of submissions denotes the number of stakeholders who have submitted the survey.

NOTE: The details of the status for specific stakeholders display at the bottom of the screen (as a table). 

Mail Status: Whether the email has been sent or not.

Link Clicked: Whether the stakeholder has opened the survey email and clicked on the link or not.

Data Submitted: Whether the stakeholder has submitted the survey after clicking the survey link or not.

Reminder Count: By default, it is 0 (zero). The count increases as the user sends the survey again to the same group of stakeholders. 

8. To resend the survey, click on the Send to drop-down and select Send to Filtered.

send filtered

9. Next, select the appropriate email template from the drop-down. The screen should look as shown below:


10. Click on Send Survey and type "YES" in the popup box to confirm and send the survey. 
11. All the stakeholders who haven't submitted the survey will again receive an email with the survey link.


NOTE: The Reminder Count will increase based on the number of times you resend the survey.