Impact Measurement and Management ► Trends, Getting Ready for 2020

Learn more about Impact Measurement and Management trends in 2020.

Learn from Social Value International, GRI, SASB, the GIIN, the Impact Management Project, and other key players to create an industry impact measurement framework. We will discuss key developments in the Impact Management Project, GIIN IRIS+ and SDG Impact. More specifically this hands-on webinar will demonstrate how Impact Cloud-driven process can streamline your impact management process and put you on the robust path to SDG Impact and IFC certification process. They form part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) SDG Impact and specifically embed the notion of investment to enable achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This webinar is designed for impact investors, chief impact officers, venture philanthropy, grant managers and social impact accelerators looking to build an impact strategy. The first 3 steps of the framework mention creating a Theory of Change, and making explicit the motivations to engage to SDG, SDG targets, and the impact metrics that will be part of your standard business practices. In May 2019, GIIN released the much-awaited IRIS+ profiles aligned with SDGs and Impact Themes. Wherever appropriate and feasible, the Fund is encouraged to select standardized metrics and include outcome measures or at least well-evidenced proxies. All of this with alignment to SDGs, their associated targets, and the five dimensions of impact from IMP.

At SoPact we have incorporated IRIS+ into our Impact Cloud platform to make these best practices available to all our customers. [Show Theory of Change - pre-defined themes, alignment to SDGs in metrics and targets] This IRIS+ framework continues to evolve as we follow it up closely to make sure that all those updates are ultimately reflected in our platform.