SDG Alignment


  • Funders should look reexamine their role as a collective impact partner. They should gradually improve data and social impact learning capacity within their grantee or investee ecosystem and focus on a holistic approach to impact.
  • Collective impact starts with funder ensuring there is no SDG Washing or Impact Washing. 
  • Large enterprises or social purpose organizations

Post-COVID, many businesses, social purpose organizations, and impact investors are seriously re-examining their role with their local community, employees, people, and the planet. 

Sustainable development goals allow all of us to align and track their impact or sustainability footprint. Let's look at what SDG is and understand how to avoid SDG washing before we understand the deeper impact strategy.


Most enterprises, whether nonprofits or social enterprise, they are so busy building their enterprises. Developing a social impact mission is very far from their hundreds of other priorities. That said, there are many motivations to get started on impact strategy


  • If you are looking to demonstrate activities, output, and outcome of your programs, we recommend you starting with a theory of change or logic model-based approach.
  • Avoid creating proprietary impact frameworks as they do not provide broader learning

Impact Capital

  • Impact Investors often looking to raise impact capital are interested in two key things before investing anything
  • Alignment of impact strategies such as impact management project (five dimensions of impact) and sustainable development goals
  • Understand the impact risk before investment
  • Understand the impact evidence at an agreed-upon frequency (quarterly, semi-annual,