Stakeholder Data Analysis

  1. Quantitative
    1. Aggregated results
    2. Longitudinal Data Analysis - individual
    3. Longitudinal Data Analysis - Cohort
    4. Comparison between multiple locations
  2. Qualitative
    1. Sentimental Analysis
    2. Emotional Analysis
    3. Keyword Analysis


What are your data analysis requirements?
Y/N Data Analysis Requirements Details
  Measure progress over the period of time Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually
  Compare Baseline, Midline, and Exit  
  Compare results versus targets  
  Compare results by location Countries, States, Regions, Branches
  Compare results by program, project, or investment  
  Aggregate results accross multiple locations  
  Aggregate results accross multiple programs, projects, or investments  
  Assign scores based on the beneficiary responses on the survey For example, in a Likert scale
  Perform additional calcuations with the raw data For example, survey date - date of birth to get the beneficiary's age
  Perform calcualations between metrics For example, total students enrolled - total students that graduated to get the number of students that dropped-out or failed
  Analyze results by cohort  
  Analyze results by individual stakeholders