Password reset

This article talks about how user passwords can be managed or changed on Impact Cloud

There are three ways of changing user password on Impact Cloud

  1. Users in Impact cloud can change their own password by following the "Forgot Password" link on the page
  2. Users with role "Organization admin" can reset the password for all the users within that organization
  3. Users with role "Super admin" can reset the password for any user on Impact Cloud. This is generally done with the Sopact support staff.

Reset password for your user

1. Log on to, the below page appears

2. Click on the "Forgot Password" link and enter the email in the text-box (as shown below)

3. You will be sent a password reset link in which you will get the option to change your password.


Organization Admin resets the password for another user within the organization

1. Log on to using "Organization Admin" credentials (You should see the below screen)

2. If you open the left menu bar, you will see an option called "Company Profile", click on this option (The screen below appears)

3. Go to the Settings screen by clicking on "Settings" from the left menu (as shown above)

4. Click on the "Edit" option corresponding to the user for whom you want to reset the password(You see the below popup)

5. Enter the required password in the Password text-box and click "SAVE". The user will receive an email with the password that you set.